"People naturally gravitate toward good causes, and Grace Case is more than just a good cause - it's a "God cause." Through mentorship programming, Grace Case is empowering young girls to become the best version of themselves, the version that God intended. This organization is a beacon for DC, Maryland and Virginia, with an emotional commitment to helping young women understand the potential and power they wield in the present and future. Grace Case is proving that with intentional and thoughtful mentorship, cycles of low self-esteem can be replaced with confidence. Grace Case is proving that we don't have to be defined by the neighborhood we grow up in. Grace Case is proving that we don't have to live in the shadow of our past mistakes. We need more "grace cases" walking through the doors of our schools, grocery stores, hospitals and more! Grace Case is ensuring that our communities are overflowing with strong women that are change agents for generations to come. Thank you, Grace Case for the work you do to secure a healthy future for our young women."
Bowie, MD PG County Maryland
"Since being a mentee of Grace Case my development as a young woman has dramatically increased. Grace Case has done a phenomenal job with selecting a diverse group of young women to bridge that gap between mentor and mentee. Grace Case has developed a culture of sisterhood and I am glad to call the mentees my sisters. I am also glad to have a relationship with my individual mentor as well as other Grace Case mentors. Lastly, Grace Case focuses on a holistic approach; although being a faith based nonprofit organization, Grace Case doesn’t have a blind eye with other real life issues. I am honored to be a Grace Case mentee!"
GC Mentee
"Grace Case is an organization that has tremendously impacted my life. I started Grace Case when I was at a low point in my life. However, since I have been apart of GC, I have grown in confidence, leadership, and my relationship with God has also grown. GC has also allowed me to connect with wonderful and other talented young women, who keep me accountable. Overall Grace Case develops and helps young women such as myself grow, not only spiritually but mentally and physically."
GC Mentee Mentee GC Mentee
"The mentorship program with Grace Case has been wonderful and so supportive to me! They are the reason why I am able attend my medical program classes . They go beyond the point of just caring to that of helping. I plan to graduate from school at the end of 2021. I just want to say thank you for the prayers and love shown to me and my daughter."
GC Mentee GC Mentee
"I have enjoyed being a part of Grace Case. Working with young women is my passion. We provide a service like no other. We give time care and most of all love. Our young ladies have the opportunity to speak to us at any given time. We are always available. We have anopen mind and heart. They need more love especially with the times we are living in now. So just know we have their back is amazing. They come to us and we run to help them with everything we have and in every way we can. That's the Grace Case way!
Dorcella Holmes Member GC Board
I currently serve as a Board Member, Director of Finance/Treasurer and Fundraising Chair for Grace Case. Grace Case has impacted not only the community but to many young women and girls through its caring and innovative programs and initiatives. The motto of Grace Case “Building big Dreams with a little Hope!” is not just that, it’s a reality!
Angela Davis , CPA Charter Board Member 2017-2021
I have enjoyed working as the Director of Education Curriculum at GCM. LaShawn has a wonderful vision for helping young women. Developing session presentations with her has been fun. The Board of Directors feels like an adult sisterhood as we generate plans to assist young women define themselves and make plans for their futures in college and career. I have especially enjoyed presenting at cycle sessions to discuss with our mentees their ideas as they formulate their plans.
Dr. Lori McDowell Charter Board Member 2017-2021
"I love being a board member of Grace Case. It’s an honor to serve such a worthy cause. One of our goal is to encourage young girls and women to discover their purpose and to pursue it. By giving them tangible tools, we empower them to advocate for themselves and others. We seek to help build the next generation of fierce and fearless leaders. "
Shoji Malone Charter Board Member 2017-2021
"Grace Case's first community partnership event was annual Tots to Teen Expo in PG County and I remember speaking to a young lady who was expecting. She expressed how she was nervous having a baby and her parents had put her out. I was able to minister to her about my daughter having a baby during her graduation year and how disappointed I was but the love of God covered the situation and how I was able get passed my disappointed. I encouraged her that her parents would come around. The event was a great success for me because of that one young lady.
Pricilla Weeks Member GC Board