Our Story

What we want you to know about...

Our Purpose

Grace Case exists to help brighten the lives and futures of young girls and women by building positive self-image and challenging them to discover their ultimate greatness from within. We are committed to equipping young women ages 13-25 with tools such as empowerment sessions, school and higher learning partnerships,  Department Juvenile and Family Services partnerships, school partnerships, charitable donations and more to overcome challenges and function as a valuable and contributing member in their local communities.

Our AIM: Grace Case Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based non profit community organization comprised of 7 key principles to EMPOWER female expectant/teen parents as well as young women ages 13-25 in Prince George’s County, Maryland and surrounding counties.

Our Mission

To create an empowering and highly motivational faith-based safety net that equips and enlightens the minds of young girls and women to access their ultimate greatness and maximize their fullest potential in society.

Our Vision

At Grace Case Ministries, Inc. through revolutionizing the way girls and young women alike view themselves, despite unfavorable life circumstances they will be transformed via supports that will empower them to recognize and promote positive self-identity and awareness.

Our Motto

“Building big dreams with a little hope!”


  • -Educate ; Providing young women opportunities to acquire knowledge based on their needs and the needs of their children
  • M-Motiviate; Helping young women build positive self-esteem, while successfully completing high-school, college, workforce readiness programs, and teaching effective parenting strategies
  • P-Produce; Building emerging young women who can positively contribute to their communities, families and society at large
  • O-Organize; Assisting young women with categorizing and developing proactive planning skills necessary for coordinating the priorities of life.
  • W-Welcome; Welcoming and embracing young women regardless of cultural backgrounds and socio-economic statuses
  • E-Equip; Equipping and preparing young women with the tools needed to be able to promote self-reliance and independence
  • R-Reveal; Helping expose individual God-given purpose and destiny via Faith-Based mentoring that fosters individual creativity, uniqueness, talent, and spiritual fortitude


Dainty G.R.A.C.E.

 (Dainty Girls Resilient Acknowledging Christ’s Excellence grace)

A program dedicated to promote resilience and positive self identity by offering community service opportunities, mentorship, self-enrichment workshops, scholarships and job skill training, mental health and wellness workshops and more.

Just GEMs

(Just Girls Expecting Miracles)

A program dedicated to supporting teenage mothers through mentorship, educational enrichment, career development and training, mental health and wellness workshops, parenting courses and more.

In My Sister's Heelz

A community support group program designed with a focus on providing social-emotional/mental health resources for young women.

Trusted Partners Worldwide

We are very greatful and feel honoured to our all partners for being with us