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A Message From Our Founder

I am a confident believer that “it takes a village to raise a child” and an even bigger network to build strong young women! Growing up as a product of a pre-teenage pregnancy and single parent household, I had a village. I was surrounded by caring people who loved my mother and I. We received immense support from those around us, which helped to buffer our struggles and promote resilience . It was that same level of passion that ignited and awakened my quest to help other young women. In many communities there are limited resources for young women, leaving most feeling like they have nowhere to turn for help. Grace Case exists to provide those young women with a safe haven in the form of a faith-based safety net. We will work to  serve our communities by giving hope, empowering and changing lives one dream at a time!
Putting Others First, 
Lashawn C. Richardson 
Founder/Chief Executive Director
Organization Charter Board Members
Lashawn C. Richardson, Founder/Chief Executive Director
Janice Barksdale
Markeita Boswell, LCSW
Angela Davis, CPA
Dorcella Holmes
Shoji Malone, Doctoral Candidate
Dr. Lori McDowell, School Psychology
Priscilla Weeks